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Metrics and measurement

Page history last edited by Mia 15 years, 4 months ago

[Mia - I'm starting with some big questions because it's an area I know nothing about.]

The technical approaches

API keys, logs, whatever - what works best? If the answer is 'it depends', what does it depend on?

The business requirements

Funders, managers, boards, marketing - what do we need to provide to whom? How comparable to previous metrics and stats does it need to be? How much explanation or help with interpretation is required?

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Mia said

at 5:45 pm on Mar 23, 2009

It's not just stats and graphs - there's some good discussion already at http://museum-api.pbwiki.com/the%20problem#comment1210844983 - Seb suggested this start for ROIs on APIs - not strictly a metric, but in terms of measurable impact, ROI is something the business parts of our organisations might respond to:

"- reduce expenditure of development (measured by staff/budget cuts in web or interactive dev team)
- reduce time to deliver (measured by time to live of new applications)"

Tony Crockford suggested that providing access would act as a form of marketing and increase physical visits - "the easier it is to share the collection and the wider it can be shared, the more return in the form of physical visits will be gained".

Mike added:
"- reduce costs and time for future development and integration
- increased exposure to online content (=increased physical visits/sales? = better for DCMS/funders? - but also need to work on metrics!!)
- increases cross-sector (and beyond) working by reducing costs and complexity"

Jeremy's point about hosted services raises the issue of how an organisation works with a third-party supplier to get the right stats and metrics in a timely manner.

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