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Who's coming - July 7, 2010

Page history last edited by Andy Mabbett 13 years, 8 months ago

Let us know if you're planning to come to the 'Linking Museums' meetup on July 7 by adding your name below.


I'm coming!

Mia (Science Museum) @mia_out

Jim (National Maritime Museum) @pekingspring

Bill (Swirrl) @billroberts

Paul (eHive/NZMuseums) @armchair_caver

Richard @richardofsussex

Joe (The National Gallery) @JoePadfield

Sarah Kansa (OpenContext.org but not a techie)

Rob Tice (Knowledge Integration Ltd)

Gemma Sturtridge (Museum of Croydon@gsturtridge

Richard Boulton ("hacker") @rboulton

Rhiannon Looseley (Museum of London e-Learning Officer) @rlooseley

Shelley Mannion (British Museum) @smannion



Jonty (Not museum staff) @jonty

Ian (k-int) @ianibbo



Claire Welsby (Kew) @claire_w - Would have loved to be able to make this meet up.

Jason Webber (www.20thcenturylondon.org.uk@jasonmarkwebber I'm afraid i can't make it now. This is a real shame as it looked very interesting. I'd be keen if you do any others.

Andy Mabbett @pigsonthewing - sorry I missed it; but very interested in following on-going discussion from a distance

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