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LOD-LAM live blog

Page history last edited by Mia 13 years, 1 month ago

LOD-LAM is International Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives and Museums Summit
June 2-3, 2011 San Francisco, CA, USA


Specific session notes at LOD-LAM crowdsourcing, annotations and machine-learning LOD-LAM Messy data and same-as LOD-LAM crowdsourcing session notes and http://piratepad.net/491CHtq3Mj


Open Space format - passion and responsibility. If want to discuss a topic, take responsibility for convening it.
Today - free for all, tomorrow about collaborative action.


Some of the session proposals - really rough and I've not always caught people's names etc

Perian - formal vs informal vocabs.
Tom Baker - linked data vocabs - maintenance, best practice, strategy for their long-term preservation
Aaron - using existing vocabs, re-using existing tools
Dave Wienburger - LOD ABC - lod for newbies.
Karen Koyle - services for the user. MIMEX 2011 ?
Kristen - rights, enabling re-use.
Misty - refining archival description standards.
Brad Allen - scaling provenance.
Richard Urban - oai-pmh
Andy Ashton - getting data out of big dig humanities projects -prosopography, people data
NYPL - tool for connecting content from different souvres
Yves - getting out of metadata ghetto
Tim Sherret - structured info re collections material
Also crowdsourcing - establishing connections
Also omeka -
Micki - unstructured data that'sre-usable from eg libraries used for egnetwrork mapping

Mia - tension between appearance of truth in lod vs messiness of museum data - the relationships part of links in LOD is hard - but good egs of approximateness, confidence in links -


Adrian - the business case for LOD
William Gunn, Mendeley - crowdsourcing annotation