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LOD-LAM Messy data and same-as

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on June 2, 2011 at 7:59:51 pm

Attendees: Mia Ridge, Shawn, David Henry, Rob Warren, John Deck, Eric Kansa, Asa Letourneau, Lisa Dawn Colvin, Gerry Parsons


Intros round: issues around data that's beyond messy - some data is unknown, lots of ambiguity, lots of gaps in 'authoritative' data, lots of incompleteness, what are the semantics of 'same-as', separating facts from policies.


First question - how clean does data have to be before you move forward? If it's the best information you have, can you still publish it?.


Learning to live with messiness: making it ok for things to be messy because otherwise only a tiny percentage of data will every be released.


What do you do when data doesn't fit the model - there's a gap in what currently fits into the schema and what's too messy.


Finding ways to manage ambiguity - ways to store information as it's resolved.


Finding right point to assert certainty in data and how to mark things as unknown/messy.


Feeding corrections back - have to think through lifecycle of data - not just putting it out there but being able to ingest any improvements back in. [Action point - recommendations or models for different LAM domains?] - otherwise lost opportunities (again, theme from crowdsourcing session).  Which leads to managing provenance of data or corrections (again)...


Using something like Freebase as way of linking information in different repositories...

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