Broadening Hack Days meetup

February 9th, at The Victoria pub, 10a Strathearn Place, London, W2


This is a meetup to talk about some of the topics raised on the Broadening Hack Days pages. What's the best format for a day? Can they be more fun AND more useful? What roles should non-coders have? How can we encourage collaboration?


(I have a specific interest to declare as The National Archives is running a hack day in March.)


The meetup will be held on Thursday February 9th, from 7pm at the Victoria pub in Paddington.  The Victoria is at 10a Strathearn Place, London W2 2NH (very near Paddington Station).  The pub serves food, directions at


Optional-but-nice RSVP below or via twitter @mentionthewar (just so I know what size of table to grab.)


I hope discussion will focus around practical ideas: we can then test them on the day and I can feed back to the wiki what went well and what seemed to work less well. (Not science but something like it).


To discuss